SceneDraw 1.0

No Image SceneDraw is an investigative tool, for police and private investigators that need to survey and diagram scenes for criminal and civil litigation. Scene Draw is not a CAD program nor is it a drawing program, it is a Data Driven Diagram software program for your reconstruction purposes. It is the complete data measurement collection software tool for Microsoft Windows 98 to XP.

Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Personal 3.0: Create CD/DVD-images and use then in virtual drives or burn them to CD or DVD.
Paragon CD-ROM Emulator Personal 3.0

needing the physical discs. You can get up to 23 virtual CD/DVD-ROM drives and unlimited number of virtual CDs/DVDs. Create the images of all needed discs and work with several Audio, Video, Game, Data etc. CDs or DVDs simultaneously. Virtual CDs are just files on your hard disk - no possibility to loose, no dust, no scratches or rifts, no need to search for necessary CD title. You can also use virtual CDs and virtual drives via the network Exceed

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JHEditor 0.7: A hex editor in Java that is especially useful for large files (even over 4GB)
JHEditor 0.7

needed at the moment. If you change the file, only the bytes you`ve changed are held in memory. So if you work on large files and make small changes this doesn`t need much memory. Insertions and deletions are handled "virtually" as well, so that an insert of one byte does not have to move all the rest of a file around. As copying and pasting larger blocks can still be quite time-consuming, ther is a concept called "split parts". You can specify these

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Daboo Password Protector 2.0.0.x: Password management emphasizing on security. AES encrypted and Vigenere Ciphered
Daboo Password Protector 2.0.0.x

needed. Minimize to System Tray: Option to minimize to the task bar or the system tray. Password Generator: Generate your own random passwords to use with your accounts, very flexible to adhere to virtually any password policy. Automatically open file or URL: Custom file shortcuts or Web Site links may be saved with the entry for easy access. Hidden Fields: For added security, the password field is only revealed when needed. Database Backup and Restore

passwords, dienhart, encryption, login, username, manager, password, hidden, management, field, code

Journyx Timesheet 5.6: Automate Project management, Billing and Payroll with your Free Web Timesheet!
Journyx Timesheet 5.6

need by allowing your team members to enter project time and expense information from any location that can hit the Internet. Add Journyx Projectlink to the mix and interface directly with MS Project. Precise cash flow coordination relies on accurate data. Journyx Timesheet makes the collection of time, expense & rate information easy and reduces the time needed to get an invoice out the door. Allow access to historical billing records to improve

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No Image
RJ System File Checker 2.0

Getting a lot of Illegal Operations? The problem may be with old versions of system files conflicting with new versions of the same system files. Illegal Operations occur when one program loads the old version and then another application loads the new version of the system file. Only one version can be in memory at a time, so a memory conflict occurs. RJ System File Checker scans the system for duplicate system files to eliminate old versions. Please Note: There is a reported problem with the registration key of RJ System File Checker. If your Regional settings in Control Panel use a date format other than "mm/dd/yyyy" (the USA format--Month first, then day, then year), RJ System File Checker will have difficulty recognizing your Registration key as valid. If you encounter this problem, temporarily changing your regional settings to English (US) will solve this, but RJ System File Checker may need to be set this way every time you run. I apologize for this problem, and when I am able to get back into the code I will fix the bug--but at this time no fix is planned.

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Free AVI MP4 WMV MPEG Video Joiner 5.3.7: All-in-one video joiner for non-stop video entertainment.
Free AVI MP4 WMV MPEG Video Joiner 5.3.7

Free AVI MP4 WMV MPEG Video Joiner helps you specify the output settings with ease. Although there is a button to directly open the output folder, you can select an output directory as needed. Many output video formats are provided and for each of them there is several popular configuration presets to adjust the quality.

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